May 19, 2014

"Diggin' the Colemine" - Special Show to Fred Cole - 20.05. 16:00-18:00 103,4 mhz Radio OKJ - TUNE THE FUCKIN' FUCK IN, FUCKERS!!!!!!!

Hey Ho,

the title says it all. 2 hours of garage music paying tribute to one of THE r'r/punkrock/whatever icons of all time. fred cole, singer and guitar player of bands like lollipop shope, rats, dead moon, zipper, pierced arrows etc. had to undergo a heart surgery and we all hope he's getting it going as soon as possible.
So expect a potpourri of nearly everything this man was involved the last almost 50 years.
No excuses, go for it!

And Fred: WE FUCKING LOVE YOU...AND ALSO TOODIE...AND ANDREW...AND KELLY...and so on and on and on.YEAH!

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